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Roniit is an independent Dark Electro Pop artist hailing from the mountains of Colorado. Harnessing her silvery voice and a keen ear for melody, Roniit writes and produces catchy yet somber electronic music.

Her self titled debut album was released in June of 2011 to positive reviews from fans and blogs. With her dark and unique sound Roniit has captured attention locally and worldwide. “Every once in awhile, there is an album that comes along that totally blows you away. Roniit’s self titled release is one such album...” - Migrate Music News.

Since starting in her career in 2011 Roniit has toured nationally, playing 30 cities in 2 months. She has sung on several collaboration tracks with DJs from the United Kingdom, Los Angeles, and New York. Her latest creation is her 6 track EP “In The Shadows.” All music, lyrics and production are her own handiwork, with drums and assistant production by Eric W. Brown.


In The Shadows - EP
  • 01. Only You
  • 02. Lost At Sea
  • 03. In The Shadows
  • 04. Into A Dream
  • 05. Sleepless
  • 06. I Never Knew
Roniit - Debut Album
  • 01. Infernal Anxiety
  • 02. Stronger
  • 03. Now Or Never
  • 04. Home
  • 05. You Were Trained
  • 06. Interlude
  • 07. Tomorrow
  • 08. Missing You
  • 09. Cover My Eyes
  • 10. Enslaved
  • 11. Carry Me Away
  • 12. Most Extreme Infernal Anxiety
  • 13. DJSE Infernal Anxiety Remix


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