Tarot Card Reading from Roniit

Tarot Card Reading from Roniit

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I've been reading tarot for about 15 years now and am excited to offer this service to my friends and fans!  I believe that tarot cards can be portals into the subconscious, providing clarity, insight, and guidance.  Tarot cards are not as much about predicting the future, as they are about helping you connect to your inner voice.  How you relate to the card tells you everything.  Whether you seek guidance on matters of the heart, career, or personal growth, my readings will help you get more clear and more in touch with your inner truth.  


3 card reading - roughly 15 minutes long

Usually past, present future.  Or can be mind, body, soul.  Good for asking for overall guidance, or asking questions like "give me general advice" or "Tell me about myself"

5 card reading - roughly 30 minutes long

These are great for relationship readings, asking about a person, or a job.  They get more in depth than a 3 card reading and can guide you in profound ways. 

10 card reading - roughly an hour long

Ten card readings get really really in depth about your whole life.  These are great for complex questions.  I practice The Celtic Cross tarot spread which is highly effective for gaining comprehensive insights into various aspects of life or specific questions. Its ten cards offer a deep exploration of subconscious influences, hidden dynamics, and potential outcomes.  It's ideal for problem-solving and decision-making.