Bloom Book (Physical or Digital)
Bloom Book (Physical or Digital)
Bloom Book (Physical or Digital)
Bloom Book (Physical or Digital)
Bloom Book (Physical or Digital)
Bloom Book (Physical or Digital)

Bloom Book (Physical or Digital)

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Only 100 being printed, come signed and numbered --

Bloom Lyric / poetry / and journal Full color, high quality print and Matte black cover - sorry the price is high these are expensive to print in full color <3 I promise it's worth it!


Each Chapter includes the lyrics to my songs + writing that came to me around the time the song was written. A lot of this writing was written in my “daily streams” where I would set a timer for 11 minutes and do stream of consciousness style writing. The writing feels wild and free, without form or boundaries. A lot of the writing inspired my lyrics. I would find myself returning to these pieces of writing when I was making music, and stealing little lines from myself. I wanted to include these little pieces here because they need a home, and I feel they were an integral part of writing this album. After each song I have some journaling prompts.


Please write in this book! These prompts really go along with the themes of the songs, so what I encourage you to do is read the prompts, then listen to the EP and take your time with each prompt. Don’t try to do it all in one sitting, it would be way too overwhelming. If it takes you weeks or months that’s okay, but you can always put the song back on to get into the right headspace to think about these questions. I encourage you to approach this in a ritualistic setting. One idea is to do one journaling page per month on the full moon. Use the ritual kits along with this journal if you can! I hope this can help some of you find healing.


Digital version is now available too! 


COVER: Asya / @heyalice111

Book intro piece: Alejandra Saenz / @aleksaenz

Altar Cloth: Alejandra Saenz / @aleksaenz

Prologue: Paula Ruf / @paula.litu

Chapter One: Ziska / ziska_art

Chapter Two: Ana Novaes /

Chapter Three:  Jordan Marchand / @buttered_lemonade

Chapter Four: Asya / @heyalice111

Chapter Five: Grace Calkin / @a.grace.odyssey

Chapter Six: Melanie Strohmaier / @melaniestrohmaier.autorin


Alice Legnon / @ali_asunknown

Yana Lopes / @beastredash

Beth Spokes / @bethspokes_art

Kelsey Parnell / @kellseyparnell

Angela Bučić / @svilenojutro

Ms. Denise “Vamp” Zubizarreta / @TheVampDeVille

V Maxwell / @twistingclaws

Sofía Valadez / @pirate__heart

Melanie Strohmaier / @melaniestrohmaier.autorin 

Sinthia / @sinphxria_