June 5th Full Moon Stream Ticket

$5.00 - $200.00
June 5th Full Moon Stream Ticket

On June 5th I’ll be doing a livestream performance & full moon ritual over Zoom.

I invite you to join me as I talk about what the full moon means to me, play some music, and guide you through a ritual for releasing things that are holding you back.

Bring a Journal, candles, incense. Create a scene in your Zoom window if you'd like.

If you have something you can safely burn paper in bring it (a metal pot, firepit, burning it over a bowl of water then dropping it in)

This experience is about you - please feel free to paint, draw, journal, read, meditate or simply sit and watch.

I’m charging $5 for this experience (but you can opt to pay more). If you truly cannot afford the ticket please message me - I don’t want anyone to be left out!

June 5th 2020
6pm PST
Zoom link will be emailed to ticket holders day before the concert!

Q&A with me after the concert.